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Brought to you by Tom Brew K3WS.    You will also find information on the 147.060 Cambria North Repeater as well as our growing Repeater Linking System.  Click on the K3WS Repeater Button.  Enjoy and 73's - Tom.
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K3WS - Tom@K3WS.com

K3WS Serves The Amateur Community as:


The ARES Emergency Coordinator / EC for Cambria County, PA

Cambria County ARES and RACES/ACS operations are conducted on the 145.210 Repeater PL 123 Callsign KC3DES AllStar Node Number 27355 ( owned and operated by Cambria County, PA DES ) Also connected to the county repeater is EchoLink Node Number 349035 Callsign KC3DES-R The CAMBRIA RADIO CLUB WA3WGN serves as the Cambria County ARES home club and is located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. http://www.cambriaradio.com

An Extra Class Volunteer Examiner / VE

The host of EchoLink Node Number 377672 Callsign K3WS-L connected to the WA3WGN Repeater 146.940 - PL 123 owned and operated by the ( http://www.cambriaradio.com/) CAMBRIA RADIO CLUB Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

The K3WS repeater is host of EchoLink Node Number 377673 Callsign K3WS-R and AllStar Node Number 27348.


I WORK HF REMOTE WHEN I AM ON TRAVEL from a computer or the Apple iPhone.


AFFILIATIONS: ++++++++++

ARRL Active Member (2007 - 2011)

K3WS is a Life Member of The Old Buzzard's Radio Club as #584. Operating Daily at 1330 UTC (9:30 AM Eastern) on 3.905.00 LSB. Saturday 1330 UTC on 3.904.00

Became Rooster Number 1253 on November 1, 2008 http://www.roosternet.org 3.990 Monday - Friday about 6AM Eastern.

Blue Knob Repeater Association Member (2008-2011) http://www.bkra.info/ The BKRA currently operates four FM amateur radio repeaters, (3) 70cm and (1) 2m in Blair, Bedford, and Huntingdon counties in South Central Pennsylvania. 2m - KB3KWD, "Blue Knob" - 147.150 (+) PL® 167.9Hz Officers: President: Jeff Blake ( KB3FML now N8PSU ) Vice-President: Dave Love ( NU3T ) Secretary: Jerry Cox ( NR3T ) Treasurer: Travis Lunglhofer ( KB3FMK )

President and Trustee of the CAMBRIA RADIO CLUB http://www.cambriaradio.com/  The CRC is also the current home of the Cambria County, PA ARES operations.

Horseshoe Amateur Radio Club Member (2007 - 2010) http://www.harc1.org/

EASTCARS Number 30221

SOUTHCARS Number 6423 http://www.southcars.com/ http://www.voip.southcars.com/

10-10 Number 75112 August 12, 2008

OMISS Number 5933

Somerset County Amateur Radio Club Member (2007) http://www.k3smt.org/

The Green Mountain Repeater Association Member (2007 - 2011) PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY. http://www.gmra-md.org



I spend a lot of time working HF from the shack and Mobile using a Kenwood TS-480HX. At the shack I use an IMAX 2000 for 6m - 15m, G5RV for 6m-80m and in the mobile I use various Hustler resonators on 24" masts operating 2 bands or 3 with the plate.

I am the Host of HF remote base stations on PA and MD. 


You will find me on our new wide area linking system on node number 27245 146.560S PL 167.9 College Park, MD, 27701 K3WS 442.900 PL 167.9 ARES/ACS Repeater Washington, DC,  27702  146.565 Simplex PL 123.0 Washington, DC.  Please visit  http://www.wanrepeater.net for a lot more detail.


Some of my favorite QSO's.....

K3RRA, N3LAD, N8PSU, ZL2MAT - W2IK/WTC/911 - PA0GMW - AH7Y - W9USX - KH7Y - W6VY - KB3IFH - WA7HYD - W9KB - VE3CX - K7EG - J69DS - K0ARY/VP9 - W1MD - KC9JUR -C6ANM - 4M5IR - 9A4KW - XE2MX - G0EVY ///

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